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Anita Longan.

Anita Longan is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator and Care Specialist, and is Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management. She also holds certifications as an insulin pump trainer, and as a lifestyle coach for the National Diabetes Prevention Program. One of her specialty areas is teaching advanced carbohydrate counting to those managing their diabetes with insulin pumps or multiple daily insulin injections. In her career, Anita has helped to develop and achieve accreditation for three medical center diabetes education programs. She recently expanded a diabetes education program via telehealth, for rural health clinics.

Anita believes that food is medicinal fuel. She helps individuals and groups learn how to balance physical activity and real food, in appropriate portions, to manage weight and chronic health conditions. When suitable educational tools are not available, she thinks “out of the box” to develop what is needed, like co-authoring the “Real Foods Rainbow” with Kitty.

A passionate believer in organic and sustainable farming, and knowing your food sources, she encourages people to grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs, whenever possible. At home, she enjoys helping her husband in their vegetable garden, and developing recipes, especially that incorporate fresh herbs. She enjoys bringing people together, in person, or virtually, to share tips and ideas for growing, preserving and preparing foods.

Anita is a frequent consultant to medical professionals, community groups and educational facilities. She brings a friendly and relatable approach to nutrition and lifestyle counseling, offering insight to people from all walks of life.

Kitty Finklea.

Kitty Finklea is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer with AFAA – the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and is also a Certified Lifestyle Coach for the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

With many years of experience in nutrition counseling, Kitty works with clients interested in weight management with a focus on lifestyle and a non-diet approach along with an emphasis on intuitive eating and listening to the body’s natural cues of hunger and fullness. She also works with clients dealing with digestive issues, eating disorders, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As a personal trainer she emphasizes an active lifestyle in whatever way is possible for each individuals’ unique needs.

Working on her own and with local dietitians she develops nutrition education materials including the“Real Foods Rainbow” and a “Nutrition Toolbox” for weight management. In her career Kitty has developed content and coached adults and teens with an innovative online group coaching program and also spent several years teaching an online nutrition class for nursing students at Florence Darlington Technical College.

Food sustainability, gardening, traveling (especially to cooking schools) and creating recipes are passions as well as sharing emerging trends in food and nutrition and promoting sustainable food culture. 

Kitty writes most of the blog posts for ontracklifestyles as well as  a monthly column for a local newspaper (scnow.com). She is available for other writing gigs including copywriting, writing, editing, ghostwriting and blogging. For more information email Kitty at kitty@ontracklifestyles.com

Anita and Kitty in the garden

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